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March 18

12:00 – 1:30 pm



Memorializing Clergy Sexual Abuse

An interdisciplinary conversation about ethics, means, and the meanings of sexual abuse memorials.


In this webinar, three scholars will explore questions about whether, when, and how communities can contend–together, as communities–with the history and memory of the Roman Catholic clergy sexual abuse crisis. With expertise in trauma studies, liturgy, theology, and history, our panelists ask about the ethics, means, and meanings of various efforts to remember clergy sexual abuse, as well as those who suffered and defied it.



April 10

4:30 – 6:00 pm




Whose Stories are They?

An interdisciplinary conversation about transparency, control, and the volatility of sexual abuse archives.


What is to be learned, gained, and achieved in opening up the archives of Catholic sexual abuse? What kind of healing follows from transparency, if any? Beyond respecting the wishes of survivors who prefer privacy, are there any other limitations to consider? What does transparency have to do with Catholic theology or with the practices and disciplines of Catholic experience or governance? In this webinar, four experts– an archivist, a canon lawyer, an survivors’ attorney, and an historian– join together to tackle these and related questions.