Entangled Responsibility

Loyola University Chicago

Project Description

The Entangled Responsibility project systematically documents the sexual abuse committed by Jesuit priests associated with Loyola University Chicago for the first time. This documentation is the first step of a broader analysis, in which we will conceptualize different dimensions of ethical responsibility. First, responsibility within asymmetrical relationships, such as those between mentors and mentees and between priests and anyone else, laypersons as well as other priests who may be dependent on a superior member of the clergy. Second, within the institution of the university, between administrators and faculty, between instructors, mentors, and students.

Today’s leadership and administration of Loyola University Chicago is no longer that of the time at which most of the sexual abuse by Jesuits took place. Today’s Loyola University Chicago is not directly responsible for the crimes of the past. But the institution of the university is still the same, and we, the project leaders who are laypeople, a theologian and a historian, seek a reckoning with Loyola University Chicago’s untold history by better understanding the university’s entanglement with it.

Principal Investigators

 Hille Haker, Ph.D., holds the Richard McCormick S.J. Endowed Chair in Catholic Ethics at Loyola University Chicago. She has taught at Frankfurt University (2005 to 2009), and Harvard University (2003 to 2005) and holds a Ph.D (1998) and Habilitation (2002) in Christian Theological Ethics from the University of Tübingen, Germany.  Hille Haker served on several Bioethics Committees, including the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies to the European Commission (2005-2015). From 2015-2018, she was the President of Societas Ethica, European Society for Research in Ethics, currently serving on its Board. In Frankfurt, she was a Fellow at the Frankfurt School Institute of Social Research and a member of the Cornelia Goethe Institute for Women Studies. She has published multiple articles and co-edited several books in the field of bioethics and social ethics. She has written four monographs: Towards a Critical Political Ethics. The Renewal of Catholic Social Ethics, Würzburg, Schwabe Verlag (2020); Hauptsache gesund? München, Kösel (2011); Ethik der genetischen Frühdiagnostik, Paderborn, mentis (2002); Moralische Identität. Literarische Lebensgeschichten als Medium ethischer Reflexion (1999). She is currently working on a book on Recognition and Responsibility.

Hille Haker is the project leader of Entangled Responsibility and represents, together with Miguel Diaz, Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago for the Fordham University Network Project Taking Responsibility. She works with Sebastian Wuepper on the analyses for the documentation and is responsible for the ethical conceptualization of sexual assaults and abuse. She has worked on the topic of sexual violence and ethical violence for many years.

Sebastian Wuepper, Ph.D., received his Ph.D. in history and M.A. in public history from Loyola University Chicago. A native of Berlin, Germany, he wrote his dissertation on nineteenth century German-American Chicago newspapers. He is currently engaged as a collections consultant with the D.A.N.K. Haus German American Cultural Center where he researches post-World War II German immigration. He works on the project as a visiting postdoctoral scholar, responsible for the documentation part of the project, including the historical background research and compiling the case studies of LUC-related cases. He is also developing the project website and provides further public and digital history consulting.