Fordham University has received a major grant to advance research regarding the protection of children, youth, and vulnerable persons in Jesuit institutions of education. This interdisciplinary initiative is a partnership of the Francis and Ann Curran Center for American Catholic Studies and the Department of Theology.

Our activities include:

    1. funding research by Fordham faculty and faculty at other Jesuit institutions;
    2. hosting events dedicated to understanding the experience of structurally vulnerable groups (including but not limited to children; African American, Latinx, and Indigenous populations; working-class populations; and college students);
    3. developing resources for administrators, staff, faculty, alumni, and students at Jesuit educational institutions; and
    4. creating a partner network of Jesuit educational institutions dedicated to our goal of “confronting the causes and legacy of clergy sexual abuse.”

If you are a survivor of clerical sexual abuse at Fordham, we strongly encourage you to report your experience to Fordham’s Special Committee on Clerical Sexual Abuse and with the victim advocate for the Jesuits USA East Province.